walk the wire

Walk The Wire – David Baldacci

When will the lock-down end?! The line to borrow this ebook is more than a mile long—would take weeks, if not months, to get it. So, I caved again. Couldn’t wait to read about Amos Decker’s new adventure.

Walk The Wire by David Baldacci is Amos Decker/Memory Man series #6. Well, it is also a crossover with another series. I was surprised to see the characters “guest-starring” in this book. 

Decker and his partner, Jamison, arrive in North Dakota for a murder case. Both are curious about why the FBI is involved in a local murder. Anyhow, as they keep digging, more bodies turn up. And the danger level is much higher than the two usually encounter. If not for the “guest stars,” they would be dead.

This is a case with multiple layers. Action-packed and very exciting—fans won’t want to miss this and thriller seekers should check this out.


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