under pressure

Under Pressure – Robert Pobi

Under Pressure, by Robert Pobi, is the second novel featuring Lucas Page.

Page reminds me of another character in another novel. Although I read the first book, City of Windows, I don’t recall how he sustained his injuries which left him with a few metal body parts.

The story starts with an explosion killing over 700 people. Most people immediately think of terrorism. When yet another bomb goes off before the FBI can begin to get a handle on things, they ask for Page’s help. He agrees reluctantly.

While he and his partner, Special Agent Whitaker, investigate, more and more bombs go off. Even though his genius brain can detect how the explosions occur easily, he can’t figure out the why or the who. 

The suspects keep getting killed until Page goes to visit one person when he finally realizes he’s found the mastermind.

Very exciting!  

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