the take

The Take – Christopher Reich

The Take by Christopher Reich is the first in the Simon Riske series. It’s refreshing to meet a spy who has a regular day job—he owns an auto garage—and only freelances as an industrial spy.

When the CIA comes looking to hire him, Simon politely declines until they mention the person he would go after is none other than the snitch, Tino Coluzzi, who betrayed him years ago. He has thought about what he would do when he finally faced Coluzzi. 

It’s nice to read about Simon encountering the disgraced priest in prison who viewed Simon as his redemption. His life took a sharp turn after the lessons he learned from the priest. But I digress.

Coming back to the story, Simon accepts the challenge and entices a cop to help. It turns out he isn’t the only one looking for Coluzzi. Another deadly Russian operative is also on the hunt. The search goes from Paris to Marseille. Each step is deadlier than the last.

It is fast-paced, action-packed and full of twists and turns. Very entertaining thriller!

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