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The Order – Daniel Silva

When The Order, Gabriel Allon #20, by Daniel Silva, appeared on my Kindle yesterday, I couldn’t wait to read it. I’ve been a fan of the legendary spy Gabriel Allon for years. 

Well, The Order doesn’t disappoint. It starts with Gabriel being tricked into going on a vacation with his family by Chiara, his wife. While they’re visiting Venice and Chiara’s family, a friend calls him for help.

Archbishop Donati has some suspicions about the apparent natural death of his master, the pope. Gabriel keeps reminding himself he’s on vacation. However, he agrees to look into the location of a young Swiss Guard who was guarding the pope’s door. They find the guard all right, but it’s only the beginning of the investigation. It eventually leads to the discovery of a sinister plot to influence the conclave – the selection of the next pope.

Since time is of the essence, the story is fast-paced. While Gabriel & Donati take center stage, the rest of the Office makes their appearance.

While I have some issues with certain aspects of the story, I thoroughly enjoy the storyline, especially the ending. The mentioning of the mysterious Father Joshua is very interesting. (I have my theory about who that could be.)

Anyway, thriller fans, Gabriel Allon’s fans, should love this.  

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