coast to coast

The Coast to Coast Murders – James Patterson & J.D. Barker

The Coast to Coast Murders by James Patterson & J.D. Barker keeps readers guessing until the end!

The story starts off with a murder—what else is new? When the local police in the form of Detective Garrett Dobbs begins his investigation, it triggers some alarm in the system. And it brings the FBI Special Agent Jessica Gimble and her team to his town and his case. Initially, it appears Gimble has an open-and-shut case of this serial killer. She and her team, now joined forces with Dobbs, just need to chase him down.

Here come the surprises—more bodies, more suspects, and lots of secrets. When everyone thinks they finally get the real culprit and can say “case closed.” A last surprise is waiting!

It is a wild ride and very entertaining!

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