Revenge – James Patterson & Andrew Holmes

Former SAS soldier David Shelley wants nothing more than living a safe and quiet life since he retired with his wife. Unlike many fictional characters I’ve read, most, if in the same predicament, couldn’t sit still and would do anything to get back in the life.

Anyway, Shelley doesn’t want that. Life, though, has other ideas. A sudden death of a young woman changes that. At one point, Shelley was her bodyguard when she was just a child of ten. Police calls it a suicide. At the funeral, he picks up weird vibe. When he learns of the victim’s last words, he knows there’s more to the apparent suicide.

Revenge by James Patterson & Andrew Holmes is full of twists, action-packed and very exciting.

There’s a prequel in the form of a bookshot, Hunted. Per Goodreads, I’ve read it back in 2016, but have no recollection. I’ve read many more since then.


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