Outsider, a Novel of Suspense – Linda Castillo

Outsider, Kate Burkholder series #12, by Linda Castillo, gives readers a better understanding of Kate’s past. Kate’s fans know the police chief grew up Amish, but left and became a cop. She’s since returned to Amish country, Painters Mill.

An Amish farmer accidentally finds Gina—Kate’s first English friend since leaving Amish—injured. He brings her back to his farm and notifies Kate. Kate arrives at the farm, barely has time to get the complete story from Gina, before a monster storm kicks into full gear.

Gina needs help, claiming rogue cops hunting her down to silence her testimony against police corruption. Kate doesn’t what or who to believe. The Gina she knew and left in Columbus was already going down a wrong path. There’s a warrant for her arrest.

What should Kate do? Could there be killers out there looking for her? What of the innocent and hospitable Amish family?

A thrilling ride indeed!


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