Muzzled – David Rosenfelt

Muzzled is another novel featuring “retired” lawyer Andy Carpenter by David Rosenfelt

Andy has been trying to retire, or rather not want to work for years. Unlike me and most people, he is independently wealthy. So, he has the option to not want to have a client. Beth, an associate with Tara Foundation—Carpenter’s dog rescue organization, has located the owner of a stray dog. However, Beth claims the owner is a victim in a boat explosion, supposed to be dead. Perhaps the owner who used an alias is not a victim, but the perpetrator? Andy offered to help by facilitating a meeting between Beth and his buddy, Pete Stanton, the homicide captain. All goes according to plan until Alex Vogel, the owner, requests Andy to represent him.

Andy naturally refuses, but he’s curious. He finds it hard to believe someone who cares so much about his dog—so much so he’s willing to come out of hiding to claim the dog—can be a killer. After a few meetings, he agrees to take the case. The investigation is not promising, although Andy is more convinced of Vogel’s innocence. The day he has to decide if Vogel should take the stand, something happens. Does he stop? Or, continues?

Witty, very entertaining! 


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