Insidious – Brett Battles

Insidious is #2 in the Night Man Chronicles by Brett Battles. In TV, it would be a spin-off of the series, Jonathan Quinn.

After Liz’s, his girlfriend’s, death a year ago, Nate has been talking to her/himself. She suggests cases for him or prompts him to talk a walk or jog somewhere. And so, he discovers an abandoned bag which leads him to a body.

Jar, an associate, has been helping him in his side gig. However, as they dive into the background of the body, Jar becomes emotionally affected and feels a certain responsibility to find the killer.

On the personal side, it’s nice to finally learn something of Jar’s past. She is typically the private type. And I get the sense that Liz (Nate’s subconscious) is telling him it’s time to move on.

Back to the case, local police is happy to close the case when a suspect’s body turns up. Nate reluctantly continues to dig into the victim’s past to unravel the evil plot behind all the killings.

 Very exciting and many twists along the way and to the end!

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