fair warning

Fair Warning – Michael Connelly

Fair Warning by Michael Connelly is the third novel in the Harry Bosch universe featuring veteran journalist Jack McEvoy.

I confess I don’t like the character McEvoy much. However, the crime is something else. Because of a one-night stand, the police shows up and questions McEvoy about his relationship with the deceased. That piques his interest. He starts out casually checking the news about the way the victim died and instantly smells a story.¬†

He digs deeper and stumbles upon a series of similar homicides across the country. Against the advice of his boss and despite the warnings of the police, he continues his investigation.

As always, his interest as a journalist rarely aligns with the goals of the police. As soon as he knows the killer’s moniker, he believes he has a duty to publish the story to warn the public, especially women. However, the cops think otherwise.

Will he become a hero for shinning a spotlight on the killer? Or will he become the next victim?

 Very entertaining!

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