camino winds

Camino Winds – John Grisham

Camino Winds by John Grisham is the second novel in Camino Island series. According to Goodreads, I read the first book in 2017 when it came out. Well, I don’t recall the story, having read too many novels since then.

Anyhow, when I think of Grisham, a courtroom and lawyers come to mind. This series is more relaxing. Fans of the detective/crime fiction wonder if there is ever a perfect crime. In fiction, I’m sure an author could make that happen. So, it seems this murder in Camino Island might just be it. After a hurricane, a writer is dead. Local and even State police don’t think too much of it. They do their thing, but are just happy to forget about it.

However, Bruce and his buddies, all friends of the deceased, don’t give up easily. They continue their investigation with a hired firm and stumble upon a case of drug and medicare fraud. It takes months and some luck. Eventually, they find justice for their friend.

Very entertaining. 

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