Bone Yard

Bone Yard – Richard C Hale

Bone Yard by Richard C Hale is #10 in the Jaxon Jennings series. This is the first Jennings mystery I’ve read and I like it. I’ll probably go back to read some of his earlier cases.

So, it starts with bones. (It reminds me of the TV show, Bones.) Anyway, the markings on the bones point to some old cases. And the killer is now in prison. So, is this a copycat?

As if that’s not enough, there’s an arson/murder case. As they investigate, more bodies show up and more fires. Before they know it, they have a serial killer in their midst. To prevent more killing, they must dig deep into the past. Will they find the murderer in time to save the last target?

Very exciting! Great read.  

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