1st Case – James Patterson & Chris Tebbetts

Instead of a veteran FBI agent, we meet an intern, a programmer prodigy, who got kicked out of MIT. 1st Case by James Patterson & Chris Tebbetts is about this geeky intern’s first case.

It’s nice to see and feel from someone who has never been to a real-life crime scene or seen a real dead body. The TV shows I watch or the crime fiction I read typically follow some veteran investigators. So, this is a breath of fresh air. 

Angela Hoot, the intern, is only supposed to check the devices found at the scene. Trace them, find useful messages, emails and such. Her genius mind can’t stop processing materials. So, she takes the initiative to find out more. And that attracts the attention of the killers she is seeking.

Someone has found his match, so-to-speak. He wants to meet Hoot. Will she knowingly walk toward danger to save someone’s life? Or, will she back out? Will she survive?

Exciting and entertaining. 

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