Ziva, wish you’d rejoin NCIS


As I said in my other post, I’m writing about the jaw-dropping reveal of last night’s NCIS season finale.

Ever since that episode when Bishop found the note from Ziva, rumors have been circulating about Ziva being alive and returning to NCIS. Of course, there were also a lot of comments saying that Cote wouldn’t come back. Now we know–Ziva is alive and will guest star next season, at least the premiere.

Things are never realistic in fiction and on TV. Viewers seem to be more forgiving than readers. I, for one, watch these shows and read novels for entertainment purposes. Ziva was thought to be dead a few seasons ago. But without a body, the door was always open that she’d be back. That’s TV.

Hope they found a way to bring her back to the fold.


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