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Writing to Market? – Journey

Way back when I wrote my first manuscript, self-publishing was unheard of. I had to find an agent and go through the painful process of waiting, waiting and more waiting. If you read the earlier post, you know I found an agent, but it didn’t go anywhere. So when I started this new journey and opted to try the indie route, I read a lot of books and articles about self-publishing. One message I received is that I need to write to market if I wanted to make money doing this.

It makes sense. You can write a great novel with beautiful prose, but if no one wants to read what you write, you’re not getting anywhere as far as making money goes.

Romance is a big market. I used to love reading romance novels. However, I’m not that into that genre anymore. Unless it’s Christian or Amish romances, most are R- or X-rated.

Mystery, Crime & Thriller is another big market. And this is what I like. Thanks to the Harry Potter series, young adult genre has become popular.

While I was researching on this topic, I came across an article, “What do Readers Really Want?” by Ferol – Written Word Media. Very interesting read – series or standalone; interaction with authors or not; plot and characters are important; pricing strategy with little or no review. 

Enough for now. I need to get back to writing and editing. Later. 

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