total mayhem


Total Mayhem by John Gilstrap

As you may guess, I read instead of wrote. I got the edits back. It wasn’t too bad. However, I now have to decide whether to expand it into a full-length novel or continue on my plan to republish it as a novella (with several more chapters and new content). My thinking is that I should sleep on it before making that decision. Hence, the reading.

Total Mayhem is Gilstrap’s 11th novel featuring Jonathan Grave and his team. As usual, it is packed with action and excitement. America is under attack and the FBI Director again turns to Scorpion (Grave’s code name) and his team for help. Only this time the enemy is hitting much closer to home. I was really hoping the new member would stay, but I had an inkling that something might happen to him. And so it did. Do you think it’s my writer’s mind figuring that out?

Anyhow, I liked it a lot. Unfortunately, I need to focus on the manuscript again. So, I will have to use my to-read list as the incentive to reach my word-count goal and project goal. What can a book addict do, right?



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