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The New Girl


Happy Sunday! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve tracking my word count. I achieved my daily word count goal. And, I rewrote, revised, edited a book and sent it off to the editor on Friday. I was feeling accomplished. So, to reward myself, I read Daniel Silva‘s The New Girl. In case you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of Gabriel Allon (main character in the series).

I finished this 468-page novel in just about two days. I wish I could write like Silva does. His story has so many twists and turns. Just when you think it’s all solved, something else happens.

A Saudi crown prince has asked for Gabriel’s help in finding his kidnapped daughter. Everything is not as it seems. The kidnapping is only the beginning. When Gabriel discovers who is behind the idea, he comes up with a plan to get even.

You’ll read about the exploits of the usual cast of characters along with a few from the British MI6. Sarah Bancroft returns to the covert world. I like Mikhail and Keller working together, but I miss Natalie. 

Guess it’s time I got back to my writing. Talk later!

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