the damaged

The Damaged – Brett Battles

Howdy, I read again. What can I say? I love to read. But I also wrote. So, it’s good.

First, about the book, The Damaged. I read all of Jonathan Quinn’s adventures. This story takes place a little after Becoming Quinn and before his first book, The Cleaner. It’s interesting to read something back in time. We already know how he turns out, so that takes the mystery out of that part. However, that doesn’t mean it’s boring or not entertaining. I believe that long-term fans like to read about how Quinn got to be who he is today. And it may bring in new readers.

Anyway, this deals with Durrie (Quinn’s mentor) as much as Quinn. It starts with Durrie hitting a rough patch in his career. Orlando, his then-girlfriend, stands by him and even stands in for him on an assignment. Somehow, Durrie misunderstands the whole situation and makes his own decision on how he wants to deal with his life. The result is not that surprising for those of us who have been reading Quinn’s exploits.

Call me a loyal fan, I still like it. 


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