13-min murder


The 13-Minute Murder – James Patterson

Another one by James Patterson. This one is a three-for-one. I didn’t know it when I picked it. Thought it was just a short one.

Dead Man Running with Christopher Farnsworth: Exciting and fast-paced. A psychiatrist with a ticking time-bomb in the form of a brain tumor is trying to stop an assassination attempt.

113 Minutes with Max DiLallo: I believe I read this in the Bookshot format. Anyway, it’s exciting. A mother lost her only child to drug—what would she do to avenge his death? 

The 13-Minute Murder with Shan Serafin: This is my least favorite story although it’s very interesting. It’s a little hard to follow for me, anyway. It’s as if the character doing the narrating is schizophrenic. Anyhow, it’s full of suspense. 


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