social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

If you read my previous posts about newsletters & email marketing, you know I have this love/hate relationship with any marketing. Social media is no exception.

A cousin introduced me to Facebook many years ago. I opened an account and didn’t touch it for years. Then, my kids started swimming, soccer and all the other activities that would require carpool, coordinating with other parents. Then came dances, and other photoshoot events. Younger parents began to post on Facebook all the photos. So, I started following and learning to use that.

Then came Twitter. Similar things happened. I set up an account for some event and forgot about it. Same thing happened with Instagram and Pinterest. As you can guess, being an indie author, I need to get on social media. So, I updated all those dormant accounts. Then, I learn there are apps to auto-post on all your platforms.

Now, while I dread writing emails and newsletters, I find social media easier to use. On this subject, I came across this article, “How to Develop Superfans Who Gladly Evangelize for You,” on Social Media Examiner website. It is very interesting and informative. I also discovered Facebook Ads Summit 2019. Those of you who are in Marketing might want to check it out. 

As for me, I need to get back to writing. Cheers! 

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