Snap out of it – Journey

So, have you been so consumed with news about something that you have to stay on top of thatwhatever that is? Maybe the OJ trial/car chase years ago? Maybe 9/11? Maybe the recent mass shootings?

Well, I’ve been following the news on Hong Kong recently. (In case anyone wonders, I’m not a fan of the communist party.) The last time we were there was in 1991. So, after 28 years, we’ve been planning a trip back to visit. And now, it looks like we may have to postpone it or shelf it until next year or later. 

Thank goodness, I wasn’t so paralyzed that I couldn’t do anything. My novella came back from the proof-reader. I have a new cover, a new title. I just need to get the front and back matter together. However, I’m now thinking I should wait till I finish the draft of my first two full-length novels before I republish the novella. I’m trying to do this rapid-release thing. 

Hope to write again soon. Cheers!

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