Now, that’s motivation! wink


I probably should print a dozen out and hang them all over the house! Oh, no, I hear him!

-I’m writing now, Snape, ah, Professor Snape.

-It’s damn hard to write with all the distractions. Do you think you could give me a wand and a spell to just make the words appear?

-No? Oh, but I can sneak into your room and use the pensive? Just extract the thoughts out and save them in your pensive. Then, I just need a spell or maybe one of those muggles’ dictation or voice-to-text thingies, right?

-All right, all right, I can’t use magic in the muggles world and I can’t use magic in the presence of a muggle. I know the rules.

-Yes, Professor, I’ll find my quill and start writing. 

-I’m talking to myself, aren’t I?


Cheers! Happy Friday!

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