My Journey – III


Hello again, this will be short. So, I’ve started on my new project. Those interested in reading about my two previous posts, please go here & here

As I brainstorm about the characters, plot, twists and turns, something else also popped up in my mind. When I published the novelette, traditional publishing wasn’t on my mind.

Self-publishing seems to be so easy. I read and learn from leaders in the self-publishing world. And it is easy to get my book online. What is definitely NOT easy is to market the book. So, it made me wonder if I want to spend my time thinking about the story and writing or constantly worrying about sales and how to keep it fresh on people’s mind.

Well, so now I’m considering traditional publishing. However, before I have to make any decision, I have to have a book ready. So, back to the outline and synopsis.

Oh, if anyone is reading this and have some advice, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.


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