My Journey – II

When we left on my previous post about my journey (see here), I was happy raising my children and living my life as a suburban mom. I still read a lot—reading is my passion. Now and then, I would read a book that irked me so much, I would want to write my own. Nothing would happen. Life went on.

Some years later, I tried writing again. I even joined writing groups. Unfortunately, timing wasn’t right. My heart wasn’t in it. Perhaps God had other plans. Again, nothing came of that attempt.

Hopefully, this time in my life is the exact time that God calls me to take up writing again. After a few creative writing courses and a few writing books, I applied what I learned in the outlining, writing, self-editing of the novelette. And this is the first time I hired a professional editor to work on my book. Then came the rewriting and revising. I skimmed on the proofreading part. Perhaps that was a mistake. Anyhow, on May 8, I published the novelette.

I’ve learned a few things since the publication. I’ve learned to deal with negative reviews. I cherish the encouraging reviews. Now, I’m ready to tackle the next project. I’ll learn from my mistakes and make the next one better.

The preliminary idea is blossoming into plots, subplots. Next, I’ll be putting them in an outline.

Will write again later. 

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