Newsletters – Love/Hate Relationship


Hello again, one of the first things I learned since starting this journey is a mailing list or newsletter subscribers. I understand the logic and importance of it. However, I absolutely hate having to write newsletters. Personally, I don’t subscribe to any newsletters. Okay, I might have accidentally (without reading before clicking) did just that. But when I get them, I rarely read them. They either get deleted right away or I scroll through them quickly first.

So, I read up on this crucial technique and even devoured one book by a newsletter expert, Tammi Labrecque, aka Newsletter Ninja. One tip is to be personal – write like you’re talking to your friend. Okay, so I tried that in my last newsletter. I wrote a little about taking our youngest to tour colleges. I hate long letters – don’t have the patience to read about others’ weekend activities, etc. It might interest me to read about their writing process or the place/person related to the novel/series. So, mine is short and sweet. Well, I had the most people hitting the unsubscribed button that last campaign of newsletter!

Now what? Should I try something else? Not sure. Tammi has a second book coming out: Newsletter Ninja 2. I might read that one or should I say, “no thanks”?

Wish me luck!

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