killer instinct

Killer Instinct – James Patterson & Howard Roughan

I read Killer Instinct yesterday. Took me only one day. Well, it helps when I can visualize the characters (Instinct, TV show, CBS). I watched all episodes of the two seasons. Too bad, the series didn’t get renewed.

I read a lot of Patterson‘s books. (most recently, here.) Roughan wrote several books with Patterson. I read a lot of them (like the Murder Games books).

Killer Instinct is just like the TV show: full of action although I think the name of the lawyer husband is not the same. A few minor issues don’t align with my beliefs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the story or condemn it. Besides, those are not the entrée of the story (so to speak), just something on the peripherals. The story itself is entertaining and exciting. 

Only wish CBS would renew the show!

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