Journey – Writing Rules


Hello again, 

Maybe you’ll recall me lamenting how the techniques I learned in writing classes slowed me down. Well, someone much more experienced in this than I do (Janice Hardy) has this to say, “What I that we can ruin our writing by trying too hard to adhere to a lot of rules that aren’t rules at all.”

I feel much better reading that. Rules are meant to be broken, right? So, maybe I can relax a little and just write. I’ve got editors to help me fix things. (If you want to read the whole article, it’s here.)

By the way, I‘ve just received an edited manuscript from an editor. So, I’ll be reading the comments and making revisions. Hopefully, the revisions are minor. I can then make adjustments and send it onto a proofreader. If not, I’ll be having a chat with her and see if she needs to give it another pass.

Talk later.

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