Journey VII


Lots of books OR the new girl


Hi, I’m back.

You might wonder, “What’s with the pictures?” First of all, I like the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva. His new book, The New Girl, is coming out in July.

Yes, I need to write the books. I know, I know. But, I thought I’d mention this before I forget. You’ll remember I’ve been babbling about self-publishing and traditional publishing. (see here, here or here)

I learn that the path to success for indies: write, publish, repeat. Basically, it’s volume that counts. You write and you publish. The idea is: even if each book only generates meager sales, you will still make a good deal if you have many books.

Then, there are those (the ones who make megabucks, usually NYT best-selling authors) who publish a book or two a year. I’m sure there are exceptions, like James Patterson. Then again, he collaborates with many other writers. The publishers and editors make them rewrite, rewrite and revise until theses books are close to perfect to the targeted audience. Then, they market and do their thing hoping to cash in on their hard work.

So, what do I do? Which group do I want to belong? Guess that’s for another day.

Back to the story…


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