Journey – VI


I’ve started the new story. I’m excited. The more I think about the two stories, the more I believe I can connect them in some ways. You’ll see.

Remember, I was talking about self-publishing and traditional publishing? I still don’t know which way to go. But the good news is that I need to finish the book before having to make that decision.

As I mentioned in my previous posts here, self-publishing requires a lot of energy and effort. Authors are in control of every aspect of the publishing business. Traditional publishing is not the same. However, I have noticed that successful indies (independent publishers) have something in common. They turn the writing into a business and are very successful. Marketing their books is only the beginning. A lot of them offer courses online or podcasts or YouTube videos. The topics vary from writing a best seller to book marketing.

So, I guess my first step is to finish the novel. And after at least one novel hit a best-seller list—a dream come true, I could also offer courses or other things to generate more income. Or, I could keep writing.




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