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Journey – Random 

Not a book review – haven’t started a new one yet.

I’ve made some progress in the writing department. After the phone conversation with my editor, I had some thinking to do. Now, I know. I’m sticking to the novella format for the new and updated edition. I’m almost finished with the revisions. It’ll go to the proofreader soon.

I came across two articles by Nathan Bransford. Thought I’d share with you.

One article is about reviews: “Should authors have more freedom to respond to bad reviews?” He makes a valid point. Hotels or other organizations sometimes respond to reviews: perhaps apologizing and explaining the situation and maybe offering some discounts or freebies to placate the customers/reviewers. However, authors don’t seem to enjoy that freedom. As a reader, I don’t leave bad reviews, period. I may not like the book, but others may. If you read his article, he invites you to comment and give your thoughts.

Another article: “What it costs to self-publish a book?” That’s tricky. A lot depends on who you hire. I learned this the hard way. Editors, good ones who are used to your genres, aren’t cheap. Depending on the length of your work, it could easily be the most expensive item on your budget. Marketing is the worst kind of expense. Well-known authors have a much bigger budget than newbie like me. So, I have to be content with free or low-cost marketing, like social media.

I should get back to revising and writing. Talk soon.

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