I surpassed my target word-count yesterday. Yay!

Also, I finished David Baldacci’s Redemption. It’s fantastic. I really enjoyed it. For my book one, I must remember to add a few more twists and surprises like Baldacci’s novel. Maybe then, I’ll get a shot at attracting an agent and eventually a publisher.

I haven’t given up on self-publishing. Just trying to keep my options open. I could do both like some hybrid authors.

So I was reading this article by Barbara Linn Probst. Like her, I also learned to “write what you know.” However, she explains that it goes beyond the words. If we take the words literally, then nobody could write fantasy stuff. Rowling wouldn’t be able to create Harry Potter. While we may not all experienced the same situation, we all can relate to the same human emotions from other circumstances. Say, we may not all have lost a baby in miscarriage, but we can certainly relate to losing someone close. When we write, we can draw on that experience to mimic the feelings of what our characters might be having. You can read the full article here, if you like.

Oh, be sure to check out the News tab, I put in the Kindle Unlimited promotion information there. There’s also a post about it too.

Let’s see if I can surpass my word-count target again today.


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