Journey – Onward!

Hi again, you may recall that I am keeping track of my word count. I’ve joined yet another grouplike one is not enough to motivate me to stay on target. wink So, anyway, I did pretty well. I stayed on track for the last two days. If I keep this up for the rest of the month, I’ll meet my monthly goal of 25K!!

Anyone likes Pinterest? When my kids first told me about that years ago, I didn’t think much of it. And then, I read an article that refers it to as a search engine. Usually, when I hear the term, search engine, I think of Google or Bing and now Amazon (mostly since I started writing). But Pinterest? Well, what do I know? It does work like that. So, I have an account now and several boards. I have a lot of interests, so there’ll be more boards and more organization. But there’s one on publishing with two sections (self-publishing & writing). Please feel free to check it out.

Finally, I’ve learned that selling books isn’t the only income for authors, especially  successful one. Here’s a podcast, “Three Ways To Make Money With Your Writing.” Anyone on the fence out there, maybe it’ll entice you to just do it.



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