Fun Incident 

I grew up in a city. We had lots of books (here), but no pet. Most of my friends didn’t have pets either. I also had a fear of dogs, still do. As for cats or other pets, I didn’t care for them.

So, two years ago, we had a major renovation of our house. Where the deck was, there’s a sunroom now. There’s a new patio and a smaller deck. Anyway, while the construction was going on, the area under the new sunroom/old deck was an enclosed storage area.

One morning, my husband came in from outside and announced that there was a litter of kittens under the sunroom. He thought there were four. The kids were excited. They went to look at all six of them!!

As you might guess, I wanted them gone. We discovered there was a hole somewhere. So, I had the contractor patch it. The kids got me to let them foster the kittens until we could find good homes for them. I wouldn’t touch them. They laughed at me for standing a foot away from them.

Fast forward, four of them went to good homes. We now have two kitties. Cedric (top) is the one who managed to “cure” my reluctance/fear of animals. He simply¬†wouldn’t stop until I caved.¬†



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