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You may recall I didn’t set out to be a writer (here). As you may also recall, I wrote a novel, landed an agent, but got nowhere (here). So, most recently, I wanted to write again, but didn’t want to “wing” it like I did last time. Thought maybe I would have a better chance at this. So, I took online classes on fiction writing. I also read up on the publishing world. One particular thing is that there’s self-publishing these days.

Back when I was shopping for agents and publishers years ago, there were vanity publishers who preyed on ignorant writers who were so eager to see their books published that they would fork over tons of money. They might still be around. So, my first thought was self-publishing probably was just another version of vanity publisher. But then, I remembered reading an article or two on the Internet (Writer’s Digest) about self-publishing. I started doing more research.

What do I know? Self-publishing is for real. I read both sides of the debate. One side thinks these authors probably weren’t good enough, otherwise, publishers would snap them up. I think they’re the ones who think they’ll write a novel, but will never do. (J. K. Rowling had a ton of rejections before landing a book contract. I wonder if those other agents, editors who had rejected her kicked themselves later. “Why didn’t I give this unknown writer a chance?” What kind of commission they would have gotten?!)

I stumbled upon a course on self-publishing by Mark Dawson. If anyone is interested, it is a great course. I haven’t followed every step, my bad. Anyway, the more experienced indies in the group suggested I write a novella. So, I did that.

More later.

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