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Amazon Preorder – Changes

Whether you’re a reader or an author, you may have heard of this change. Authors may now put their book(s) up for preorder up to a year. Previously, it was 90 days.

I’ve been reading from the gurus about how to take advantage of this new policy. As an author, I’m happy to learn of the new tricks and tactics. However, as a reader, I’m not so sure I like as much. It’s like you see this low-lying dangling fruit for a whole year before you get to eat it.

Just the other day, I was browsing an author’s Amazon page—just to see when to expect the next book. And then, I saw one or two ready for preorder. For a moment, I thought, “Oh good, soon.” Then, I realized the book(s) won’t be ready for almost a year!

Oh, well, guess I just need to learn to adjust. C’est la vie!

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