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Yesterday, I wrote about my fears. I still have my fears and doubts about my future as an author. However, I did receive an encouraging review from one reader. Whoever you are, if you’re reading this, a big THANK YOU! You gave me hope to continue on.

The more I read and think about the comments, the more I wonder if I would make a better script writer (I won’t do it anyway.) See, I love to read mysteries, thrillers and the like. I also love TV shows like NCIS (all three shows), The Blacklist, and similar shows. (NCIS fans, I’ll write in the next post about that big reveal last night!)

If any of you watch The Blacklist or any of these similar shows, you’d think “no way, that’s ridiculous; I don’t believe he’d do that; or how can she do this?” Yet, millions of viewers get addicted to these shows. Fans love some characters and hate some other ones. They complain about certain plots that they don’t like.

So, I think my mistake in writing and planning the series–well, this particular novelette–is that I see the scenes play out on TV (in my head). To this date, we still don’t know for sure who Reddington (the main character from The Blacklist, in case you didn’t know) is. There are a lot of unanswered questions in all of these popular shows. Behaviors and reactions of characters sometimes defy an average person’s logic. Yet, viewers love the characters.

For one, I didn’t understand how Liz (from The Blacklist) could send her baby girl away (supposedly to protect her from dangers.) I didn’t understand why Morgan (from Criminal Minds) didn’t come back to help Spencer (from Criminal Minds) when he was in jail. (Of course, I knew that the actor quit the show.) But the point is that viewers complain, but the shows continue season after season.

So, anyway, the aha moment is that I may continue to have bad reviews. Hopefully, I’ll have some favorable ones. The story is fiction–it’s not true anyway. You and I may not react like the character would, but you and I weren’t put in his/her shoes.

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