Hong Kong Protest  A Little Detour (Journey)


This is not a political piece. However, I just want to offer my two cents.

Having lived in Hong Kong during my formative years while it was still a British colony, I believe I can offer some unique perspective. I still love the colonial HK. From the Internet and from my friends, I hear stories of how much HK has changed since the handover. They tell me about the new airport, the bridge to Macau (a neighboring island, a former Portuguese colony), and many fascinating developments. However, the HK identity is eroding every single day. In the past, when we said Hong Kong, sophisticated people would recognize it as a “city-state”, a mini-New York. Now, though, people are more than likely to associate it as part of China. It irks me to no end when people refer to HK as China.

I was long gone when Prince Charles, representing the Crown, attended the Hong Kong Handover ceremony in 1997. To me, it was always a sad day. How I wish they would hang on to the city! The one thing HK people were, and probably still are, good at is making money. Nobody bothered much about politics. “They vote with their feet”—indeed, thousands opted to leave the colony if they could.

Fast forward to Wednesday, I read the news with interest. It would be great if HK would become independent. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would happen in my lifetime. And I doubt if it could happen without bloodshed.

The people there will continue to do what they believe is right. And I hope the government will listen and talk. I pray for a peaceful resolution for the Pearl of the Orient. Please, no more violence!



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