5 Things Writers understand well – Journey


Hello again. I know you’re not all writers. But if you’ve ever been to school, having to write a paper, a thesis, or even a dissertation, you can probably relate to some of these. Some of them, business executives or entrepreneurs understand well too.

  1. Writer’s Block – As the gif above shown, the best known is the notorious Writer’s Block.  Some say it’s a myth; some say you can beat it. Maybe, but when you’re in the middle of it, it sucks.
  2. Deadline – You need not be a writer to understand this. Everybody dreads deadlines. There are self-imposed deadlines and deadlines, period. I give myself deadlines now. I’m sure a lot of indies out there have self-imposed deadlines. So if you’re disciplined, then it might be a good motivator. But if you’re not, it’s easy to just shrug it off. The deadlines that mean something (like April 15 to Americans – that is if you have any income) are different. There are usually consequences, some big, some not so big. 
  3. Rewrites, Revisions – A lot of times I can read a bestselling novel in a day or two. (If I like the book.) But it typically takes a writer much longer to produce that book. There’s the first draft, self-edit, Alpha &/or Beta reading feedback, then rounds of editing, then proofread. And then, I, as a reader, can consume it in a few hours.
  4. Marketing – If you’re an independently publisher author, then you do it all. I’ve already mentioned my love/hate relationship with email marketing. That’s just one aspect. There’s the website, a blog, the multitude of social media accounts, and advertising. All this takes time and money (especially advertising). Then, Facebook and Amazon are constantly changing their  AI. So, the gurus in the industry keep coming up with new courses and webinars to help others understand the new “normal.”
  5. Networking – This is not a “writer” exclusive situation. A lot of writers are introverts. Networking is a challenge. Thanks to the Internet, a lot of that can be done online these days. Still, there are times writers need to get out there and meet people. Well, at least, for now, I’m not at that stage where I will have a book signing soon. Let’s hope that day will come before long!

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